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the 21st century will be an american century again, but i'm going to need everybody's support -- and for months to come. thank you very much, everybody. >> you've been watching a special encore presentation of president obama's town hall. coverage and analysis as the show starts right now. good afternoon to you. on the same day that the official scorekeeper -- ended 14 months ago, which has got to be hysterical if you're watching the show. the president came face to face with a group of business owners and out of work americans who would beg to differ. did the president do anything, say anything to address their
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concerns? peter and glenn hubbard, dean of columbus business school. glenn, a pleasure to see you. peter, hear anything you liked? >> not really. it was a wonderful infomercial. i liked the way everybody applauded just like on oprah. the reality is, numbers are not good. the reregulation of wall street, heck, we got more abuses than before coming our way, so no, i didn't like what i heard because this is a man in denial. >> do you agree, glenn? >> i agree when president obama takes an optimistic outlook over the future. but i have to agree with peter. nothing in what he said indicated any serious direction for policy that's likely to move us forward. >> if the three of us were to accept as many of us are that the lack of jobs and economic dysfunction is a result of our
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structure, this is not something you wade out. this is something you have to days and deal with. we have a broken structure. why, peter, do you think our government appears to unwilling to accept the need to deal with it and still have this, we'll just wait this one out attitude? >> the big financial houses have infiltrated the treasury department. the only difference is that we've got from the sixth floor to seventh floor at goldman sachs back down to the sixth floor. they're getting bonuses as big as ever. they're doing municipal workouts that are going to lead to trouble. with regard to china, i know glenn doesn't agree, but we have to do something fundamental about the trade deficit with china if we're going to have enough to mend for what americans make so we can get out of this recession. >> glenn, do you agree that there appears to be at the least, an aspect of denial when
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it comes to policy action from our government? >> i think it's a different focus. the president has pursued an agenda in policy that's not that related to employment. if we wanted to raise employment, we'd stop creating so much policy uncertainty and stop raising the cost of hiring. >> if you were to look at the comments from colin powell other the weekend where he was emphatic in making the point that he believes this president should be focusing on employment, at what point, whether looking at the tea party, which i view as -- if you were to look at any variety of the blow back or instability, am i crazy, glenn, that this is being driven by the underemployment problem in this country? >> that's a big chunk of it. if we want to deal with a long-term problem, we have to have a long-term solution. we have to stop raising hiring
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costs. we have to look hard at what we did in health care and stop tax increases. and we have to focus more on education and training. >> if you were to look at those sorts of things though, peter, that would require bankers in many cases making less money. it would require more being invested in different places in our economy and a lot of the special interests that control or government are the ones that stand directly in opposition to the changes glenn the discussing. >> that jobs creation number, i had this number called -- you take out health care, social services, heavily subsidized by the government, and temporary employment. last month, we only created 10,000 tax paying private sector
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jobs that are permanent. that's a terrible situation. but wall street and detroit and frankly, china at the behest of say caterpillar, just doesn't help american workers find work. >> has the government decided that the jim owens of the world who runs caterpillar and the other multinational ceos who benefit from the inbalanced relationships, whatever you want to look at, and that those folks benefits from things destructive, are the ones in control of our government. is that too cynical an interpretation, glenn? >> i don't think it's that simple. we need to get tougher on chinese mercantile. we're doing a lot to hurt ourself in taxation.
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>> petter, go ahead. >> i agree, but it's tough to get something done when you have somebody talking the talk when his focus is on recruiting people to help him make money in china's protected market. once those investments get large enough, they become chinese companies and they lobby on behalf of china p here in washington. so time geithner goes on the hill last week and says, i'm losing patience with china. he was like a little child stamping his feet. you have to play for or i won't play with you anymore. we need a better treasury secretary than that and a better president than we have. >> you agree, glenn? >> i believe economic policy is on the wrong path. it's up to the american people to pick their president. i think we need a policy change. >> where would you start? what is most vital? >> the first thing to do is stop doing things that hurt job
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creation. stop is policy uncertainty coming out of washington, then pivot to long-term solutions. >> you agree, peter? >> i think glenn and i are talking about the same thing, he just puts more emphasis on the tax issue. what obama did on health care is terribly destructive. it's great to provide everybody with health care, but you don't subsidize with a private sector system. i would put more emphasis on dealing with china, the trade deficit, energy independence. i don't see larry summers telling the president to do these things. instead, they want to spend more, tax more, burden the private sector and then go on a speaking tour and go on, excuse me, but cnbc, and have an infomercial. >> i don't disagree on all
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counts. coming up here, as wer just getting rolling, feeling bad for the beautiful people. are gorgeous, jet setting models just as exploited by the corporate elite as everybody else. think of them as very pretty slaves, i guess. it's the topic of today's daily rant. also, newt gingrich launching a crusade. what's he up to? we'll talk about it. plus, witchy woman. this is just made for tv. the past keeps coming back to haunt christine o'donnell. how much will her witchcraft comments hurt her in november, unless of course you can use her witchcraft to create jobs for americans. jennifer hudson here.
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this afternoon, the un's general assembly getting underway here in new york city. iran's nuclear ambitions stealing the show. if you're looking for warmongering -- makes you want to get up and go to war cht over the weekend, president ahminedjad claiming the future belongs to iran cht he likes to play along saying the united states must recognize the country's quote big power, but insists iran isn't working on a nuclear bomb. no doubt, more gems to come
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thursday when ahminedjad addresses the assembly. great drama. not sure how much it factors into our reality. meantime, the u.s. not buying the rhetoric and keeping pressure on iran to come clean. president obama saying today that all options are on the table in dealing with iran. iran currently under four sets of un sanctions for refusing to stop enriching uranium and rejecting other demands. uncooperative, but how dangerous are they? or is it really just a distraction from the real issue? u.s.-saudi relations and the war between israel and their arab neighbors. joining us now -- we have got glenn, we will begin with you,
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sir. iran in context with the underlying issues of the middle east. is it a problem? are they going to nuke us or is it a distraction from bigger issues? >> i think what you see is that every time ahminedjad comes to the united states, you have the same repetitions that benefit other countries. you have the parts of the united states that want to go to iran while ahminedjad benefits politically at home and the world when the -- >> appearing to be standing up to america. >> and the extremists in america win by -- look at this bad man and the muslim world pursuing nuclear weapons. >> how dysfunctional that spreads throughout the middle east. we know where the 9/11 hijackers
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come from. or for that matter from the israeli-arab relationship, allowing us to go to war with iran lets us avoid the real problems. >> those are the two hip okrasies that the rest of the world realizes. we pretend we're concerned about iran's internal policies. best friends in the muslim world including the saudis and others are worse in terms of their tyrannical behavior. israel is at the center of this because while we lecture the muslim world that they cannot get nuclear weapons, we protect israel with a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons who refuse inspections. and the entire muslim world sees we enable these weapons while pretending to be so concerned about nuclear weapons in general. >> so, cliff, how much of a real problem is iran and how much is a way for the rest of the world, not just america, to avoid
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dealing with the u.s.-saudi relationship and israeli-arab relationship. >> iran, 31 years ago, launched a revolution against the west. since then, they've been saying death to america. now, you can be concerned about iran and ahminedjad and what he might do when he has nuclear weapons, if he has nuclear weapons. you can be concerned about the severe oppression of the iranian oppression particularly after the elections they had a couple of years back and you can be concerned about the fact that iran wants to wipe israel off the face of the earth and israel feels it has a need to try to defend itself, hamas, hezbollah -- we have to deal with the problem of iran.
4:17 pm
i think you heard president obama doing fairly well. >> does that mean we go to war? if we're going to ignore u.s.-saudi, we're going to ignore -- should we go kill all the iranian? what's the plan? >> if you look at what president obama was saying and what he's done, he is trying to solve this in a way that will not require military force. the un sanctions are -- >> did iraq require military force? i take issue with the suggestion that some hand of god can decide when military force is required -- >> do we have the graphic of all the dead people in iraq for american bullets from a war that was -- your willingness to portray america out of context in a way that seems to advance your interest of a way to create
4:18 pm
conflict in iran. most proktpertyic person at thi table in so far as i'm willing to address the reality of america's relationships in the middle east. who they found, what they do with the guns we sell to them, how they treat their women instead of pretending a person wants to kill me when iran expressed a single threat against america or the west outside of israel as far as i can tell since the beginning. >> dylan, death to america is something of a threat even though you don't think so. and i'm glad you feel good about yourself. what obama's done is rather useful or could be. he is trying to use serious sanctions passed by both parties of congress, to put serious pressure on iran to end this drive for nuclear weapons and discontinue threatening israel with another hol w-- you are co.
4:19 pm
>> should we put -- on saudi arabia? >> tell me when you're finished with your question so i can begin an answer. >> should we sanction israel? >> this is a festival of moral equivalence. israel is under attack and you don't want it to be able to defend itself where as iran has threatened israel and death to america. you seem to have some heroic notion of ahminedjad that i don't understand. >> as for saudi arabia -- as for saudi arabia -- >> we'll get you back. >> barely. >> just look at the facts as far as who the aggressive powers are here. you can pick up the paper every day and see israel threatening to bomb iran. you can see newspapers every day advocating that the united
4:20 pm
states bomb iran. iran looks to the east and west and sees countries -- >> isn't iran just a distraction from the israeli relationship with the arabs and the american relationship with its allies in the middle east? so we point to our enemies to avoid the obvious. that's my question, cliff. where am i wrong in that? >> no, it's not a distraction. though saudi arabia is absolutely a problem. you're right. because they have spent billions of dollars in oil wells to spread their version of islam around the world. what you should understand is that there is a rivalry between saudi arabia and iran for domination of the muslim world. >> i understand that. >> both are dangerous to us and this idea glenn has that the poor, iranian regime are being victimized -- >> dodging my question again.
4:21 pm
to what extent is iran a distraction? >> zero percent. >> which is corruption and destructive. >> and the answer, i want to be clear i'm answering a question, it is not a distraction. these are separate questions and in foreign policy and national security, you sometimes have to juggle more than one ball at a time. >> honest about the sequence of events. if we say iran funding the sunnis, but ignore the fact that iran invaded iraq -- can you kind of pick what you want? if you eliminate the fact that the cia paid for this and the russians paid for this, and then, oh, my goodness, look at these terrible people, in context -- >> the fact of the matter is the iranian regime is paying for the killing of americans in
4:22 pm
afghanistan. if context, the iranian supplied ieds in iraq to kill americans. >> after we invaded the countries on either side of them for no apparent reason in the case of iraq. if somebody in north america, excuse me, mexico, i imagine the u.s. would fund the insurgency to get the invaders in canada out. >> america did not invade for no reason. dylan, you can say that -- >> it's almost impossible to count the wars started over the last decade. you have to go back many, many decades, centuries, to find the time iran started a war. warmongering that takes place is what takes place on the same kind of fare mongering -- >> glenn, how am i warmongering when i support president obama and the sanctions, which is a way to peacefully -- >> what happens if the sanctions
4:23 pm
fail? do you think the u.s. should attack iran? >> we have a big problem if the sanctions fail. >> should we attack in that case? >> i think we should, i think president obama's -- >> that's what makes you a warmonger. you want to attack iran even though they're not attacking us. >> what do you want -- >> thank you, glenn, for telling us what a warmongerer is. >> are you obviously telling me that you want american soldiers and hundreds of millions of d l dollars and human life bloodshed because they called you a name? >> you sound like a 6-year-old. >> with all due respect, you've got some people that said, death to america, i feel bad about beating you up for it.
4:24 pm
>> death to america on the side of a missile is not name calling. it's a threat. they're threatening other genocide. that may not concern you. you may think that's not a problem, but happily, most americans watching ahminedjad on tv understand that. >> what concerns me is the use f my tax money to fund american soldiers and american weapons. that use that power to subordinate other middle easterners. >> that's your view and glenn's. >> i said across the board, not just american belligerence. and if america can't admit its own hipypocrisy, it's a problemo
4:25 pm
solve this. cliff, i hope you get enough of an opportunity to articulate your views. we knew it would be spirited. good to see you, glenn. i hope you come back. cliff, see you soon. still ahead, we are kicking off a week-long series called "job wars." who's fighting for and against real job creation in this country. the answer may surprise you when you look at how many huge corp. rags in this country don't want to make it easier for you to get a job because they make money when you lose your job. we'll talk about which industries are hiring, which are not and how this crisis is affecting actually human beings culminating with a live broadcast from a job fair in dallas, texas, this thursday. today, we'll look at the lost generation. recent college grads in deep
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also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. not only is the law unconstitutional, but it's not being fairly enforced by the government. >> lady gaga took to youtube for her stance on don't ask don't tell. a policy currently attacks the defense authorization of the bill. gaga urging republican senator susan collins and olympia snow in maine. comes a week after the mtv music awards where the pop star was escorted by former members of the military who had been kicked out for admit r they're gay. up next, a look at college grads and the worst job market
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for them in a generation. also, bewitched. how christine o'donnell is handling the revelations about dabbling in witchcraft. we're back after this. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving heat patch activates sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals for deep penetrating relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol.
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president has to like a razor blade, just go after the single most important issue and that's employment. he has to do more are respect to reducing the deficit and being careful about putting more rocks under that knapsack. >> here, here. general colin powell with some wise words to our president about attacking the unemployment problem. this week, the show is launching a special series on job wars in this country, addressing the 26
4:34 pm
million americans who are unemployed. we'll focus on the six industries that have taken control of our government and seek to profit at the expense of american citizens and jobs using the government as the instrument to achieve it. we'll highlight the structural causes of this unemployment as you see in that chart there, as profits soars. you fire more people, you outsource more jobs and create a more pred tear financial state, you make more money and fewer and fewer people have any money like a snake eating itself. but at the same time, as we try to emphasize the structural nature of the destruction of this country's ability to create jobs by making a few wealthy by eating the vast majority of those in our country using the government as the vehicle, we're also working to help our viewers and their friends to survive and
4:35 pm
navigate this predatory environment that our government and industries that control it have created for all of us. our series will culminate in dallas, texas this week. we'll broadcast live from one of the largest job fairs in america. monster is the host. over 2,000 plus in search of employment. i'll attend. beyond that, we will stay on this for weeks, months, and perhaps years to come as we look at the different scenarios of being unemployed, from the young to the middle ange to the elderly. i can give you a job destroying your neighbor, but is that where we want jobs to begin with? we begin today with the young and unemployed. it is 9% for young college graduates. these young men and women are facing an uncertain future and
4:36 pm
unlike the generations before t. leaving a generation of young people buried in student debt. but some guys made a bunch of money, so that's all right. joining us, paul and michael. both are unemployed and actively looking for a job. michael, i'll begin with you. you're 25 years old. what -- what do you perceive has been the barrier to finding work? what type of work have you been looki ining for? >> i'm an economics student. the most obvious thing is that the job market is completely flooded with people looking for worg and the guys on the other end are having a hard time
4:37 pm
filtering out sort of the unwashed masses. >> at what point would you think about, i'm not advocating anything, or have you already thought about jobs that are sitting perhaps further and further away are somewhat different from what you originally sought? >> i've started writing now and i'm finding freelance projects like that tend to work because there aren't benefits, implications when you are thinking about coming on with a big employer. those are things available. >> paul, tell us about your search so far. >> little bit rough. little bit rough. been unemployed for three months now and just sending out my resumes to recruiters, phone interviews. putting it out where i can. just kind of hoping to hit it lucky at this point. >>. >> how much have the two of you
4:38 pm
looked at the government in relation to your ability to find a job? paul? >> it's a little disheartening i guess when the unemployment rate is staying pretty high and government jobs seem to be still be like coming out and all that good stuff, but i'm just keep staying positive and trying to stay positive in this economy. it's the most important thing to do. >> michael, you've been using your free time to protest the government. >> i don't want to get too political, but my stance on the government, i want less of it, so i don't think getting involved in government employment is the thing i'm shoot i shooting for. >> i'm saying the government is taking money from people who would rather not have you get a job because they can make more money by facilitating cash and currency relationships with other countries.
4:39 pm
if we choose to allow the government to take money and deprive people of work because we believe in small government, so we wouldn't want to stop the government for working for those who would cheat. that doesn't make much sense, right? >> the idea that money filters down from the top in the form of loans, but you know how well that worked out. >> i'll show you this chart. where there's a chart somewhere that shows the amount of money the average student graduate makes and then there's the chart that shows the amount of debt the average student has and i'll draw it myself on a piece of paper here. it looks like this. the cost of it is up and the amount of money that you make is down. i guess i would argue in addition to your job search, i'm 38, you guys are a decade or so younger than i am, we're going
4:40 pm
to be here, accidents notwithstanding, for many decades to come, if we don't have a vested interest in trying to end the cheaters that manipulated our government to our debtriment, who does? right, paul? >> i agree. if you need a side kick on your show, i'm here to help out. >> that was good. come back, and michael, we're going to make you a political activist, just not the one you expected to be. good luck with your job searches. michael, 25 years odd, tufts university and paul, american university, 23. thank you, gentlemen. i want to remind you once again, we're taking the show on the road this thursday, broadcasting live from dallas and the site of one of the largest job fair in america. 2,000 americans expected in the room looking for work. that's thursday at 4:00 p.m. eastern and the job war series continues on this show all week
4:41 pm
long tomorrow with a look at a gentleman in his 50s. monday, nothing better than a little witchcraft to create jobs. the megapanel here after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t and blackberry have teamed up to keep your business moving. introducing the blackberry torch. at&t. rethink possible. introducing the blackberry torch. ♪ savor and explore, a the great indoors ♪ ♪ ♪ friskies indoor delights. ♪ feed the senses.
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[ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. it is monday and that means our megapanel is here to discuss the big issues -- we're going to
4:45 pm
begin with you, krista and witchcraft. do you believe witchcraft is directly related to the jobs problem in this country? >> actually, i do. as you were pointing out with those poor kids who were really in trouble. this generation is going to have a hard time getting jobs. these are moments when we tend to resort to magical thinking. >> can we have the sound bite, speaking of magical thinking? >> i dabbled into witchcraft. i never joined a coven. >> you were a witch? >> i didn't join a coven. i was a witch. that's exactly -- >> how could you be a witch? >> because i dabbled into
4:46 pm
witchcraft, i hung out with people who were doing these things. i'm not making this stuff up. >> could be the last and only time that jamie kennedy was the voice of reason. actually, i agree, tea party rallies, glenn beck said gold. although, i have to say that getting into witchcraft when you're a teenager is something much cooler than i would expect christine o'donnell to be into. you know, neater. >> what i love is that -- bill mahr is a political talent spotter. who knew? >> how old, maybe 28? matt, what are you thinking here? witchcraft is the future of america, we can all go join the coven? >> i love how i never joined a coven has become the new i
4:47 pm
didn't inhale. it's a very interesting campaign, but let's be fair here. her opponent, chris coons in delaware, wrote a column that he was a bearded marxist. >> but i guess, isn't the point that the emergence of the extremism, period, that we've sort of taken the us and them culture and have now reached a point where the extremism is the dominant theme, which now leaves us wasically unable to solve problems in a way that doesn't involve demonization. >> that's right. and also, the people who are the masters of sound bite politics, with her comeback -- she had a
4:48 pm
really good comeback and thinks fast on her feet. would you want her in charge of economic policy? probably not. but made for tv? >> how much worse could we do. >> it's not actually political talent, but sound bite talent. that's what it takes to be good on one of those shows, one of these shows. >> that's not true. intellectual -- i want -- >> i would say that bill mahr and you actually require more rigor. that's not saying a lot. >> let's all go join a coven. obama today on this show indicted by peter for saying a will the of things -- then holding a press conference on cnbc with a bunch of people
4:49 pm
clapping for him like he was oprah. is there another interpretation perhaps? >> the bar has been lowered so far for the president at this point. >> this president or any president? >> this president right now. i think that people are so disheartened, they don't expect a lot from him. especially this particular audience in this subject. i think the kind of reaction he got is probably more positive than people think. people were cheering getting rid of tax cuts for the wealthy, that wall street has beat up main street. >> that steve schwartzman quote -- i think he should pay in taxes. >> i thought president obama did poorly and i have to tell you, bill clinton's been in the news a lot lately and what i saw today, especially the questions
4:50 pm
is lady asked him, am i going to have to go back to eating frank and beans. >> what do you mean go back to? what's wrong with frank and beans? >> i like them, too. but president obama gave a very -- logical reason response that reminded me of michael du k -- this speaks of his inability to connect with the audience. >> i want to make a point here. with these comparisons, i think one thing we have to accept about the challenge obama faces and all politicians right now face is a economic problem is very complicated. you know, america is at this real inflection point in terms of the impact of globalization. the impact of the technology revolution. we live in a media environment
4:51 pm
that wants easy answers. >> here's my issue with that. >> the person who gives you an easy answer is one you shouldn't trust. >> i don't believe we're in a situation where you can let it ride. >> no. >> as sure as we transition from an agriculture to an industrial economy, sort of post globalization i would argue goes towards -- but that's another day. this president, we'll just print some money and see what happens when you need to be on the ball. >> he's giving a logical -- i think that's what matt was making. maybe three different types. there's a bill clinton, i feel your pain. obama's, which was logical, but not complicated. >> i think the bill clinton, i feel your pain, you need some of
4:52 pm
it, but some place, you need some serious engagement with the fact, this is a once in a century problem. >> you're saying, it will come around. no. no. it's not coming around. you've got a major shift. >> what are you going to change? i think i'm going to have a more positive tone. >> thanks for that. tell the chinese that your positive tone will help us with your rigged currency. the witches of eastwick. i'll be a witch, too. >> wizard, warlock. "hardball's" up next. but first, keli goff takes her turn in the daily rant chair. she's talking about why life as a model isn't what it's cracked
4:53 pm
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fashion week here in new york just ended and while it's a fun thing for strend watchers, it's gotten keli goff to a thinking. she's here with her daily rant. >> today, i'm talking about why models have it rough. now, i know it's hard for some of you to muster up concern about the working conditions of women who are essentially paid for being beautiful, but it's important to keep in mind that the majority of working models enter the field before the age of 18. these young girls often find
4:57 pm
themselves at the hands of questionable and abusive working conditions. a new film chronicles the life of several young models. some of the stories are disturbing to say the least. one model recounted burned by a photographer's bulb that left her unable to work for months, but had no health insurance and was advised not to cause problems by litigating. there are also tales of models being sexually harassed, but not to expose such behavior because it could harm their careers. but also are stories like -- after being discovered walking down the street, she walked in her first show at the age of 12. her career, however, was over by age 14. having been told she had become too obese for runways. her measurements, six feet tall
4:58 pm
an a size four. back in school, she has since struggled with her self-esteem and body image. her story enforces the reason fashion needs -- sickly then in recent years in part because the girls working have started younger and younger. in 2006, madrid put labor guidelines in place to ban models and now, a ban on models under the age of 16 at fashion week and employers being forced to provide safe and healthy working conditions. usually, america takes pride in being a global leader from human rights, but this is one issue on which i hope they look to europe. >> why do you think that's happened already? >> lots of industries don't like regulations. some girls are hesitant to make waves. >> whether it's a christie
4:59 pm
brinkley, christie turlington, you think -- are they now long the machine? they're the owners -- they were once abused and now, they're the abuser. >> you have to remember for every trya and cindy crawford, there are -- >> why is tyra banks not saying, stop abusing these women -- >> i think that's a great question. union, as norma rae said. >> the other thing. parents. these are not adult people making decisions. these are preteen individuals who i presume are not able to do
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